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Excellent customer service is integral to any business’s success. According to CEOs, having well-trained and empowered customer service reps has a significant impact on the bottom line of their businesses. In addition, successful companies have always seen more revenue generated when their customers have complete and cohesive experiences. Some of the top customer service skills that are highly valued are:


A great customer service rep understands a customer’s emotions and their points of view. It’s an essential skill since 70% of purchases are based on how customers were treated.

Persuasive Speaking Skills

How do a sales rep convert a prospect to a sale? It is not easy. They need to be persuasive, compelling and speak confidently to convert prospects into sales.


Customer service representatives need to be flexible when dealing with various situations. For example, customers are known to make inquiries via phone, email, social media, and in-person depending on their location or activities. Therefore, a reliable representative should handle customers irrespective of their communication medium.

Using Positive Language

When focusing on solving customer’s queries, reps should stay positive by using positive language, understanding, and thanking them.

Having Self-Control

Customer service can be stressful and tiring. However, when faced with attacks, reps should maintain their calm and be positive and professional towards a customer who becomes irrational.


Customer representatives get shouted at or get rudely bashed. Instead, they should keep calm and focus on offering a solution or even escalating to other representatives.

Time Management

Excellent customer service involves getting solutions in the shortest time possible. Unfortunately, over 80% of online customers abandon a purchase or procrastinate when not helped within the first five minutes.

Careful Listening Skills

Listening is a skill all customer reps should have. It means taking time to understand issues raised by customers by paying attention.

Willingness to Improve

When delivering to customers, client reps should accommodate and learn new skills to succeed. It broadens their customer handling skills a notch higher.


Organizations should equip client representatives with product knowledge, company policies, and how the purchasing process works. In addition, they should be able to answer questions correctly and be up-to-date with current trends.

Ability to Communicate Clearly

A great customer support team simplifies a company’s complex concept to one that customers easily understand. Therefore, they should be straight to the point without long-winded explanations that can irritate customers.