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Many professionals attribute some of their success to their reading habits. Bill Gates reads 50 books a year, and Elon Musk developed his love of rockets by reading. Professionals in all fields can gain insights from reading a good book. 

Here are four books every professional should read. 

Seth Godin – “This Is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn to See”

Seth Godin is a public speaker, marketer, businessman, and author who knows more than a bit about successful marketing. Godin provides advice in this book for all professionals – from business managers to CEOs. 

Godin uses the book to share insights based on his years of marketing experience. There is a focus on choosing goals, building trust, and using emotional tension for business purposes. This book provides a look into the thoughts and musings of a marketing professional. 

James Clear – “Atomic Habits”

James Clear takes an in-depth look into how and why people develop bad habits. And Clear asserts it’s possible to change a bad habit when its cause is known. 

Using research from neuroscience, biology, and psychology, Clear creates an actionable plan for stopping bad habits. The tips and advice provided can help anyone who wants to make permanent life or business improvements. 

Jaime Hope, MD – “Habit That!”

Jaime Hope, MD wants professionals to know that self-care is just as important as business. This book explores how some professionals fall into the trap of neglecting their self-care. 

There’s a look at the facts and fiction surrounding how to balance business and quality of life. Hope shows how – in five minutes a day – it’s possible to create long-term healthier habits. 

Patti Temple Rocks – “I’m Not Done”

Patti Temple Rocks explores how ageism affects the modern workplace. But unlike some other books on the subject, Rocks proposes solutions to the problem. 

Managers, human resource professionals, and others in positions of power can benefit from reading this book. As more people continue to work past retirement age, it’s necessary to deal with workplace ageism. 

Take Time to Read

Reading is more important than most people realize. Not only is reading relaxing, but it can also change lives.